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America's Small Business Community

What is HelpGrowUSA?

HelpGrowUSA is the place entrepreneurs come to learn & share our tips, tricks and stories + access affordable business solutions -- all powered by our deep learning algorithms. 

Our team looks to create an environment to support local business communities - owned and operated by local community leaders - with hopes of connecting your business to the resources and solutions it needs to thrive. 

Thinking BIG for Small Business

  • Be apart of a local business community focused on saving you time, money and growing your profits.
  • Attend monthly meetings (if your community has a leader), if not, step up as a leader and launch your own local community business with the support of the HelpGrowUSA team.
  • Enjoy a viral deep interest community entirely revolving around you and your best interest as a competitive entrepreneur.
  • Read curated content and get connected with other business owners around your interest - powered by our deep learning algorithms. 
  • Attend virtual workshops and live events where you can learn powerful strategies to improve your business.
  • Affordable services for blog & article content creation, social media programs, graphic design and more! 

A robust community & intelligent services to combat the #1 Small Business ‘killers’ in America;

Lack of Time, Money & Know How

Why Do We Charge A Monthly Fee?

Simple, because it is expensive to run a 100% privately funded economic development community...

  • Rent: $1,700 mo
  • IT Network Expenses: $6,000 mo
  • Salaries: $50,000 mo
  • Media Production: $25,000 mo
  • etc., etc...

But by having us all pay a small membership fee (as low as $4.16 mo if you contribute annually) ... then we can spread the burden across thousands of members and continue to provide awesome, free market resources at an economies of scale

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